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For over 65 years, Music in the Arts has set itself the mission of inspiring people to love music. From busy professional musicians preparing for their next big gig to parents with young children learning music for the first time, we pride ourselves on serving people of all ages, backgrounds and levels of education. Nothing makes us more excited than seeing young people thrive in music in all the many communities we serve. We offer a wide range of music education programs for children and adults, from elementary to high school and college.

We are proud to serve Lindenhurst, New York and the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Queens County, NY area. Following the local school music programmes, we support all the following local music schools at our Lindenhamurst site.

We are here to help you be your best on and off stage, and we do this by taking care of fantastic lessons for children and helping you learn an instrument you must die for as adults. Our amazing teachers are university trained and dedicated to helping you all succeed in music, no matter what your goal is. Below we have compiled a list of all North American based DJs and we have a huge list of Lindenhurst, NY DJs. When you select a date for the event when you are looking for a DJ from Lindenhurst NY, you will see a thumbnail next to the company name. Click the contact button in the list and simply give the selected DJ your contact information in a pop-up window. has several Lindenhurst DJ's and disc jockeys to choose from, which can help make your day unforgettable. Search the list on the left for the most popular music links for your event, then search for DJs near you. Register your DJ company on WeDJ, com and receive up-to-date information via email about new events and events in Lindenenhurst, NY and other parts of New York.

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We ran our first music & art store in modesty from our Bethesda, Maryland, back in 1952. We have grown by leaps and bounds, but have never lost focus and are one of the leading providers of music and music education in the United States. As the nation's leading provider of music and music education, we are now able to connect people with the tools and resources they need to succeed in music.

Use the checklist below to help you find the best music and music education resources in the New York metropolitan area.

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More About Lindenhurst