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For over 65 years, Music Arts has set itself the mission to inspire people to listen to music. From busy professional musicians preparing for their next big gig to parents of young children learning music for the first time, we pride ourselves on serving people of all ages, backgrounds and levels of education. Nothing makes us happier than seeing young people thrive in music in the many communities we serve. We offer a wide variety of music education programs for children and adults, from elementary to high school and college.

Following the local school music programs, our Lindenhurst site proudly supports the following local music schools. Lindenhurst is served by the Lindenhagen School District, which is also home to the New York State Music Arts Center. We are proud to serve the area and especially proud of our partnership with the community of Westchester County, New Jersey, which borders Lindenshurst and the city of New Haven in the Bronx.

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Lindenhurst is a great place to go fishing, as the Atlantic Ocean is one of the most popular fishing destinations in the state of New York. There are special fishing jetties and concession stands to enjoy and enjoy delicious food.

Surrounded by trees and nature, Babylon Town Hall Park is a great place to spend some time exploring the sights of this historic site. The beach, public park, monument and library are all compulsory visits when visiting Lindenhurst.

This park is located on Jones Beach Island, a place that can only be reached by boat, or you can rent your own boat for an evening day trip that will take you back to Lindenhurst. Jones Beach Island is one of the most popular tourist spots in New York City, and the perfect time to reach the island is early in the morning. This island is located south of the Venetian coast in Lindenhagenurst and near Bambussel.

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More About Lindenhurst

More About Lindenhurst